4603 Wrico Dr is a 2/1 patio home, recently remodeled, has a new roof, and is ready for a new tenant. The adjacent 2/1 at 4601 Wrico Dr is included in the purchase, giving  you the benefits of multifamily ownership. Each should rent for $600 per month, giving a total monthly income of $1,200! The current owner at 4601 will need several months to move into her new home, but will pay $550 per month rent while she occupies the property during that short time.  

Final price is net to seller. Buyer to pay all closing costs. Winning bidder shall provide an earnest money deposit (EMD) of $2,000 within 24 hours of winning bid. EMD will be deposited with, and closing shall take place at, McEwen Dubovis P.A., 774 SR 13N, Saint Johns, FL 32259 (remote closings are possible for out of town buyers). Winning bidder shall have 5 days to complete all inspections and ten days to close. Seller will help arrange access to property for inspections at reasonable times and with a minimum of 4 hours notice.